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2019-20 Varsity Basketball Team

2019-20 Varsity Basketball Team

Hawks Basketball is a big family. Thank you for being one of our thousands of fans subscribing to this newsletter.

This is a special message inviting you to join our 2019 Hawks crowdfunding campaign.
It’s no secret that public school budgets don’t keep up with the needs of highly competitive programs like ours, which means coaches and players have to spend a lot of time raising money.  Every year, supporter contributions make it possible for us to travel to tournaments that feature non-conference teams, including sometimes from out of state. These experiences speed our team’s development and build our confidence so that we’re truly ready to play championship-caliber basketball when the post-season rolls around.
We don’t ask often but would you consider making a contribution to our campaign this year? It will make a big difference to every member of the Hawks program. You’ll also receive special recognition in the next edition of the Fastbreak Club newsletter!
Thanks so much for your generosity. We’ll promise to repay you with a season packed with highlights, community service, big victories and lots of activities you can be proud to support.
Very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season! Click to give today!